LibTIFF:memory leak in _TIFFmalloc


LibTIFF This software provides support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF), a widely used format for storing image data. The latest version of the TIFF specification is available on-line in several different formats.

A memory leak vulnerability was found in function _TIFFmalloc in tif_unix.c,which allows attackers to cause a denial of service via a crafted file.

tiff2pdf $FILE -o out.pdf

==28111==ERROR: LeakSanitizer: detected memory leaks
Direct leak of 8 byte(s) in 1 object(s) allocated from:
   #0 0x7f8063966bb8 in __interceptor_malloc
   #1 0x507dd3 in _TIFFmalloc
   #2 0x452057 in TIFFReadDirEntryLong8Array
   #3 0x464d88 in TIFFFetchStripThing
   #4 0x45a226 in TIFFReadDirectory
   #5 0x4dc630 in TIFFClientOpen
   #6 0x507b43 in TIFFFdOpen
   #7 0x507d92 in TIFFOpen
   #8 0x404065 in main
   #9 0x7f8062b72b34 in __libc_start_main (/lib64/

SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: 8 byte(s) leaked in 1 allocation(s).
Affected version:4.0.7
Fixed version:N/A
Commit fix:N/A
Credit: ADLab of Venustech.
2017-04-20:bug discovered and reported upstream bugzilla
2017-06-21:blog post about the issue



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